Emoto Peace Project & Clear Water Vision

Emoto Peace Project & Clear Water Vision

The purpose of the Emoto Peace Project (EPP) is to educate people, especially children, of the true nature and importance of water through the Picture Book "The Message from Water" by Dr. Masaru Emoto, and his other works and research. Our mission is to share in an informative, entertaining, awakening way, how water structure changes to reflect the vibrations of whatever we’re thinking and feeling (please see menu above “Water Crystal Gallery”). This clear visual demonstration raises our individual awareness to make a habit of “choosing better feeling thoughts”, resulting in naturally expanding World Peace. Our intention, with your support, is to distribute 650 million copies of “The Message from Water” Picture Book throughout the world.

Emoto Peace Project & Clear Water Vision
  • Importance of Primary Water

    The future of this planet, of us all, is but a reflection of our water. Without environmental compatibility and potable water, we do not exist. As stewards of our planet, the time has come to join together in the awareness of our environment. Clear Water Vision’s mission is to provide the awarene...

  • Emoto Peace Project

    Message from Masaru Emoto

    The vision of Emoto Peace Project (EPP) is to distribute the children’s version of one of my first books for adults “The Hidden Messages in Water”, titled “The Message from Water”, to children all around the world free of charge for children with donations from adults. ...

  • Meeting Emoto Through Primary Water

    Dr. Emoto's Findings

    From Masaru Emoto’s study on water through more than tens of thousands of water crystal photos that his laboratory has taken, we have learned that positive intentions, thoughts, words, music, vibrations affect water structure beautifully. On the other hand, negative intentio...