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The Great Comeback

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  • The Great Comeback

    The Great Comeback - from atonement to attunement, restoration begins from within.

    The Great Comeback - a play on their words, but using "comeback" as coming back home to ourselves, to nature and natural law.
    from atonement - we don't harbour any anger from this situation. We don't blame anyone....

  • QHHT - Future of Children

    In 2020, I decided to get trained to become a QHHT practitioner. I few to Miami and trained for a week with the wonderful Julia Cannon and her amazing team. At the end of the week, I had the opportunity to use QHHT to travel in the future. What I saw was horrifying. I strongly encourage you to li...

  • QHHT Past Life Regression - Future Of...

    From Dolores Cannon's Website:

    Message for Sheena - Sheena became a #QHHT practitioner in early 2020 when she got the message you see here. Sheena often listens to this piece as a reminder of her mission to humanity, and the greater good of this world.

    For more detail...