PODS: Media & Entertainment

PODS: Media & Entertainment

Our latest project, New Earth Entertainment, is building a whole new Hollywood, with the best minds on the planet, who are assisting humanity evolve from the old 3D reality of fear based mind control, into a brand new 5D reality that is based in truth, freedom, abundance and love.

PODS: Media & Entertainment
  • Flote.app Erin Edwards and Kingsley Edwards

    Come to Flote Fest as you are and bring your goods, services, skills and ideas with you. There is no fee to vend and you can set up your shop anywhere in the camping area or group up with other vendors in our high-traffic located “agorist marketplace”. Our tickets are based on vehicle, not on hea...

  • STAR SPOTLIGHT: Sheena Alexandra ~ Truth | Freedom | Love

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    Nice to meet you! I'm originally from Los Angeles and spent my university years in San Diego at San Diego State University (SDSU) where I received a degree in Information Decision Systems (IDS). I love southern California and will always call it home.

    I spent 8 years in London as an Email Mark...